Have you ever walked into a space that transported you to another world? As a Real Estate Agent I’ve had the privilege of seeing the inside of thousands of homes, and I’ve witnessed how a well designed space can bring a sense of tranquility and peace. I’ve seen it time and time again on the faces of clients as we explore houses together; some homes possess a certain magic, just walking into the home can change how you feel. In contrast, just as there are homes that exude timeless beauty and peace, there are also trends in interior design that are better left in the past. I’m sure you can relate—farewell to those sponge-painted walls from the 90s! Let’s take a look at some of those timeless design choices to inspire your next project. 

Bringing the Outside Inside

Nature provides an endless well of inspiration that is relaxing and grounding. It’s one of the reasons many people live in Colorado Springs, where we can enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains surrounded by the calming woodland. One of my favorite trends is incorporating elements of the outdoors into our indoor spaces. Think earthy colors, natural materials, sustainability, and plenty of potted plants (all the plant moms out there, can I get an Amen?). These natural elements bring a sense of calm and connection, of well being and balance. 

Textural Appeal

Texture in interior design means using furnishings, décor, and various finishes within the home to enhance the tactile experience. Integrating texture into your home not only provides comfort but also adds visual interest. It elevates a room from feeling bland or incomplete to one that exudes a sense of wholeness. It’s kind of like reaching that umami flavor in cooking; adding elements of texture completes the space so it’s just right. You can achieve this effect by layering throw pillows on sofas, incorporating rugs, displaying framed textiles or displaying wooden art on walls, selecting furniture with plush upholstery, and introducing mixed tiles to surfaces.

Unique Tiling Trends

Tile can be a bold statement choice that allows for visual interest while maintaining its timeless reputation of being a good durable product for a floor or backsplash. Done right, tile can elevate the design of a home by adding texture, style, sophistication, interest, and luxury. Tile serves a function of robustly standing the test of time and normal wear and tear that other materials cannot. Like in a shower or kitchen floor, tile can be an exciting statement that will last as long as you need. But a word of caution, tile that is not properly installed or mismatched for the space can be like fingernails on a chalkboard or worse, it can be damaging to the home. With that in mind, I am still loving these tile-style trends as they bring a sense of sturdiness and longevity to the home. But let’s make sure your tile is installed correctly! Contact me for recommendations for a fantastic tiler.

Natural Lighting

The importance of good lighting in a home cannot be overstated; it is an essential, non-negotiable part of home design. Welcoming the light will brighten the home, open it up, and bring energy to the space. 

Bringing more natural lighting can be achieved by adding larger windows, using lightweight curtains or window treatments, painting with light or natural colors that reflect the natural light, and adding well placed mirrors that amplify light. This can often make a space feel larger without it feeling harsh or cold as natural lighting tends to be softer and warmer. 

Personal Statement

From the wall hangings to the choice in rugs, the design of a home reflects the story of the people who live there. I believe one of the most important elements of design is using it to tell a story about who you are, past and future, by bringing your personality into the space you live in. Selecting decor that mirrors your character and journey brings a feeling to the home that is unique to you. Focus on bringing in elements that showcase who you are as a person without being bound by a particular aesthetic or trend.